Welcome to The Active Church

We believe that every person is special and has been gifted and equipped to change and shape the world, irrelevant of their pasts, backgrounds and their mistakes. As a ministry we believe in creating and using the elements and tools that would attract a young person like modern forms of dancing or modern forms of music that young people would not expect to hear in a church, like Christian Hip Hop, House, Rock and RnB and without compromising the word of the bible, or our values, use these tools and preach and package life to the youth, using things like Christian Music that young people listen too Like. We firmly believe that every person has a purpose and has been shaped and created to shine God's light using the gifts and talents that God has given them.

The Active Church is a Church that believes in Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus christ is God in the flesh, born through virgin Mary, walked the earth for over 30 years, died and rose again after three days. we believe in all of his teachings found in the new testament because we beleive that Jesus christ is fully God (not half God and half man or a mixture of God and man).

The Active Church Ministries

All our ministries are built based on one theme, glorifying the Kingdom of God and The Church as a whole, Body of Christ. Feel free to enquire about each ministry.